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Our Mentors (some of them, anyway)

Robin Lehmann | LinkedIn

Co-Founder and CEO, DataUnion

AdvisorOcean Protocol OG, helped to shape the Ocean Ambassador program,
Computer scientist with 10+ years of experience in ML, 5+ years in Web3, CEO & CTO of

Past: Panasonic, DXC, Rolls Royce

Soubir Acharya | LinkedIn

Co-founder and CEO, Zero2AI

Chief Architect, FatBrAin

Seasoned entrepreneur and technologist with deep expertise in AI, cloud, analytics and adoption of software in regulated and security sensitive verticals like Banking, Pharma, Legal and Government. Startup advisor and mentor.

Parag Oza | LinkedIn

Co-founder & CPO, Zero2AI

Technology Executive with 20 plus years of industry experience with expertise in AI, cloud and data protection. Built and launched innovative data protection products, including one that was acquired by IBM in 2021. Currently a co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Innovative startup focused on Artificial Intelligence.

Nasir Hossain | LinkedIn

Co-founder & CTO, Zero2AI

Seasoned entrepreneur and technologist with deep experience in AI/ML research and development.

Chiranjeev Tapas | LinkedIn

Site Reliability Engineer | Full-stack Developer

Master-level experience in designing and implementing operations as a Full Stack Developer; extensive experience in the Computer Software industry.

Keerthi R | LinkedIn

Software Engineer 

Professional with 4+ years of experience in the software industry. Data science and big data enthusiast. 

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