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Our Story

We're here because we want to make a difference in the lives of young people who're thinking about jumping onto the AI juggernaut. We believe each person takes their own time to assimilate learning - and we're willing to give it to everyone who comes to us. We also don't plan to end things after one programme - we're inviting our trainees to join our community for life.


Be part of a mentored programme that promotes collaborative and self learning skills to enable successful trainees to be a part of the gig economy (Learn to earn).


Our AI mentors will introduce AI and make AI relatable, actionable and relevant to who you are and where you are at, in your learning journey.


With your peers, solve problems collaboratively and showcase social benefits of AI both commercially and for public good - though you can build what you want, too. 


We are partnered with Zero2AI to make the learning journey more compelling, engaging and effective. We also are pleased to have Robin Lehmann from DataUnion as an advisor.

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